Cyrix Heats Up Cayenne!

Cyrix's 'next-gen' CPU is set to be one of the most amazing ever. Attempting to get rid of the bad rep of their current FPU, once and for all. The basic core of the Cayenne although similar to the 6x86MX, boasts a flaming hot FPU/multimedia engine.

Cayenne will feature a fully pipelined, dual-issue floating point unit and 15 new multimedia floating point instructions to enable the highest-performance 3D graphics, DVD and 3D audio.

"Future applications will require a no-compromise compute engine with balanced integer, floating point and multimedia capability," said Robert Maher, vice president of engineering, Cyrix. "The Cayenne core will deliver industry-leading 3D and multimedia performance for mainstream desktop PCs."

Boost in Floating Point and MMX Instruction Performance

A key component of the Cayenne core is the ability to execute four floating point operations per cycle using dual MMX instruction units. This will deliver over 1 GFLOP peak performance, a first for desktop PCs. In addition, the dual floating point reciprocal and reciprocal-square-root instructions will execute five times faster on Cayenne than on the Pentium™ II processor. These instructions are used extensively in lighting calculations for 3D image processing.

The net result is that Cayenne will deliver in excess of 10 million meshed triangles per second to an external 3D rendering engine – more than five times faster than the Pentium II processor. Lastly, Cayenne will deliver single-cycle throughput on standard x86 floating point instructions.

Cayenne Core Summary

The Cayenne core will feature a dual-issue floating point and MMX instruction unit, 64KByte L1 cache, and an enhanced sixth-generation integer unit. Processors based on the core will initially be manufactured using a .25-micron, 5-layer metal process. This includes a C4 process for flip chip assembly. As a result, the core die size is expected to be about 65mm2. Processors based on this core are expected to be in production in 2H98 at speed ratings ranging from PR300 to PR400.

About Cyrix Corporation
Cyrix Corporation, (NASDAQ: CYRIX) headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a leading supplier of innovative microprocessor-based solutions that set new standards for the personal computer market. The company delivers compelling value and quality to its customers, the manufacturers of personal computer products, by combining industry leading design with world class manufacturing. Cyrix’s customers include, Apple, Compaq, CTX, Cybermax, FIC, Fujitsu, Hyundai, IBM, Trigem and Tulip. For more information visit Cyrix’s web site at


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