Cyrix 6x86MX


Cyrix's advanced 6x86MX™ architecture enables the processor to deliver performance equal to that of Pentium II processors while running at a lower frequency and with lower power consumption. The 6x86MX™ PR266 processor uses proven socket 7 designs that provide support for SDRAM, 66 MHz PCI and AGP. All Cyrix 6x86MX™ processors include performance-enhancing Level 2 cache and full MMX™ support.

The 6x86MX™ processor provides Winstone® 98 performance on par with similarly configured Pentium II processor systems running at 266 MHz, on Microsoft Windows® 95. The 6x86MX™ processor's Pentium II-level performance comes from its advanced architecture, which incorporates an enhanced 64K unified cache and a 512 entry branch target buffer (BTB). In addition, the memory management unit (MMU) consists of a two-level translation look-aside buffer (TLB) that is capable of storing up to 384 unique memory block addresses. These features allow the 6x86MX™ processor to satisfy a higher percentage of memory accesses on-chip, reducing the need to access slower off-chip memory.

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