Welcome to the Classifieds!

Upgrade recently?  Got some spare parts you are wanting to unload?  Maybe you're a small online business and you have super 7 compatible components and looking to increase your sales?  Looking for deals on super 7 compatible components?  Well, here you go.  Anyone can advertise here free for 60 days with just a few simple rules.  If you are a seller you must include prices, retail sellers are limited to 1 ad (not necessarily 1 item) per category per month.  you must include a valid e-mail address in your ad.  Other than that ads must be directly related to Super Socket 7 architecture,  So, post away and check back soon for updates...

NOTE!!! It may take a week or so to work the bugs out of this system.  Please try to be patient with me.  Thanks, Boomer

Click on a link to get to the section of your choice.  If you would like to post an ad there are links in the title bars to get you to the necessary form.  New ads should appear within 24 hours or so.  Make sure you refresh the page to be sure that you are viewing the most current one available.  Remember this is a new service so stop back often to see what all shows up.  Please report any problems you have to us at mediatek@super7.net


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