VIA's KX133

VIA's 7th Generation System Architecture

VIA's Apollo KX133 is currently the premiere chipset solution for the AMD Athlon"!-based high-performance desktop system through its support for the AGP4x, PC133, 200MHz front-side-bus (FSB) and ATA-66 technologies. With implementation of AGP4x, the Apollo KX133 supports the next wave of high-performance graphics cards to enhance your 3D gaming experience.

The Apollo KX133 supports the AMD Athlon 200MHz double-data-rate Alpha EV6-based FSB, the fastest processor bus yet for desktop PCs. This architecture provides twice the FSB throughput of current-generation 100MHz Pentium® III-based systems.

The Apollo KX133 integrates an advanced memory controller architecture that supports the wide range of PC133 and VC/133 DRAM types now available. Support for ATA-66, the latest fast-IDE transfer protocol, advances HDD access and data throughput and boosts overall system performance.
Additional notable features of the Apollo KX133 include four USB ports; AC-97 link for audio and modem; integrated hardware monitoring; and advanced power management.

AGP 4X The latest high performance graphics bus technology Supports the most advanced PC graphics cards for photo-realistic 3D visuals

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