VIA's 686 Chipsets

VIA's 686 System Architecture

The VIA Apollo Pro chipset is designed to provide a high level of flexibility to mainboard and system designers alike. The Apollo Pro incorporates a full range of cutting-edge core logic technologies. These include advanced system power management capability for both desktop and mobile PC applications, PC100 SDRAM support, AGP 2x mode, and multiple CPU/DRAM timing configurations. The VIA Apollo Pro consists of two devices. For high performance, power-conscious desktop and mobile designs, the VT82C691 combines with the new VT82C596, a BGA-packaged southbridge with a full set of mobile power management features. For cost-effective, high performance desktop designs the VT82C691 can also be configured with the VT82C586B south bridge.
The VIA Apollo Pro offers PC users a clear upgrade path to emerging 100MHz processors and DRAMs, but with the option to mix and match 100MHz clocked SDRAMs with 66MHz SDRAMs

VT82C691 North Bridge

VT82C596 South Bridge

VIA's Apollo Pro 133 and next step 133A
led the way and was first to get next generation features to market. It was the first chipset to move from PC100 to PC133 memory support, increasing the speed of the system and memory buses from 100 MHz to 133MHz. Its 133MHz memory interface supports the wide range of PC133 memory devices now on the market. And support for VCM133 and HSDRAM takes memory performance capabilities to the next plateau. A 133MHz capable FSB delivers a clear upgrade path to future generation 133MHz processor types. And, its ATA-66 provides increased HDD throughput that boosts overall system performance. But the Pro 133 is not just for the performance market. In fact, by supporting 66/100/133 CPU bus and memory settings it is a highly scaleable choice for OEMs and end users building Pentium® III, Pentium® II and Celeron based systems. With built-in support for an asynchronous memory bus architecture, the Apollo Pro 133 provides the option of 66/100 or 100/133MHz CPU and memory bus combinations. Rounding out the feature set are all currently available mainstream features, including AGP 2x (4x on 133A), USB, ACPI and more.


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