VIA 586 Chipsets

VIA's 586 Super7 Architecture
VIA's Apollo MVP3 was one of the premiere chipsets for the implementation of AGP, PCI, and ISA in desktop and notebook personal computer systems from 66MHz to 100 MHz based on 64-bit Socket-7 super-scalar processors.
The MVP3 consists of the VT82C598AT system controller and the VT82C586B PCI to ISA bridge. The VT82C598AT, or North Bridge, provides exceptional performance between the CPU, optional synchronous cache, DRAM, AGP bus, and the PCI bus with pipelined, burst, and concurrent operation. The DRAM controller supports standard Fast page Mode (FPM), EDO, SDRAM, and even DDR SDRAM, and complies with the Accelerated Graphics Port Specification 1.0 and features support for 66/75/83/100 MHz CPU bus frequencies and the 66MHz AGP bus frequency.


The VIA Apollo MVP4 is an advanced System Multimedia Architecture (SMA) PC core logic chipset for Super7 systems. A combination of the widely successful VIA Apollo MVP3 and a high performance 2D/3D graphics controller, paired with the new VIA VT82C686 Super South bridge, the MVP4 integrates an AGP 2.0 - compliant 2D/3D AGP graphics controller into the north bridge of the chipset. Packed with features, the controller incorporates a 64-bit 2D/3D graphics engine and video accelerator with advanced DVD video and optional TV output capability.
Designed to encompass an all-in=one system board, the Apollo MVP4 is paired with the VIA VT82C686 south bridge. Highly advanced, the south bridge combines an integrated 2D/3D engine with DVD hardware acceleration, AC-97 audio support for SoundBlaster Pro and FM synthesis legacy audio, super I/O, and hardware monitoring capabilities. Features

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