Intel 686 Chipsets

The IntelŪ 440LX AGPset introduced Accelerated Graphics Port capability to the Intel architecture PC platform. This popular chipset provides a fundamental building block for balanced platform performance in a wide variety of PentiumŪ II processor-based desktop systems. Introducing Intel's Quad Port Acceleration optimization for the PentiumŪ II processor, its enhanced features include distributed arbitration and support for up to four outstanding transactions from the CPU in the buffer.

Today's IntelŪ 440LX AGPset Highlights
High-volume, high-quality platform.
Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) improves overall system bandwidth for superior 3D graphics and video performance.
SDRAM support enables faster memory reads and writes and supports faster data streaming between the Pentium II processor and graphics controller.
Dynamic Power Management Architecture (DPMA) enables enhanced power management and fast resume from powered-down states.
Ultra DMA/33 improves access to all IDE devices including hard disk drives and supports smoother audio/video performance.


The IntelŪ 440BX AGPset is the first chipset to optimize IntelŪ PentiumŪ III processor performance for 3D and video applications with 100-MHz system/memory bus. As Intel's second-generation AGPset with IntelŪ Quad Port Acceleration (QPA), the Intel 440BX AGPset improves the speed of the system bus from 66 MHz to 100 MHz, while increasing the width and depth of buffers to the system bus, Accelerated Graphics Port, SDRAM, and the PCI bus. By optimizing the performance of the Pentium III processor with Dual Independent Bus (DIB) architecture, the new Intel 440BX AGPset supports the emerging set of visual computing applications, including 3D and video applications for design, data visualization, web content creation, education, and gaming.

Optimizing IntelŪ PentiumŪ III processor performance
The Intel 440BX AGPset optimizes the performance of the Intel Pentium III processor in desktop systems by implementing Intel Quad Port Acceleration (QPA). This capability improves system performance through four-port concurrent arbitration of the processor bus, graphics bus, PCI bus, and SDRAM. IntelŪ QPA allows the Intel 440BX AGPset and the Pentium III processor to deliver optimal performance in visual computing applications, including 3D graphics.

IntelŪ 440BX AGPset Highlights
IntelŪ Quad Port Acceleration optimizes IntelŪ PentiumŪ III processor, 3D, and video performance with 100-MHz system bus and SDRAM
Platform flexibility enables scalable 100-MHz and 66-MHz designs
Enables "best-of-class" 3D, multimedia and gaming platforms with the IntelŪ graphics accelerator

The first chipset to support the Mobile IntelŪ PentiumŪ II processor
Enhanced power and thermal manageability
Two-component chipset (82443BX and 82371AB) is form-factor equivalent with the previous generation IntelŪ 440LX AGPset


The IntelŪ 440ZX AGPset brings 100-MHz FSB (front-side bus), ATA/66 HDD compatibility, and PC100 SDRAM performance to low-cost performance PCs. Offering up to 50% more system bandwidth than a 66-MHz bus, the IntelŪ 440ZX AGPset is than excellent partner for the the IntelŪ PentiumŪ II processor and AGP graphics cards. Its 2X AGP performance helps realize the much esteemed 3D and video performance benefits of Intel's Quad Port Architecture, including high levels of floating-point and integer performance. The 100-MHz performance advantage makes the 440ZX AGPset an excellent platform design solution for today's leading-edge graphics software. Designed as a cost-effective solution, it builds on the proven value of the IntelŪ 440BX AGPset architecture to bring Intel quality and reliability to Performance PCs at entry-level prices.

Enhanced performance for integer, floating-point and multimedia applications with the IntelŪ PentiumŪ II processor

2X AGP performance delivers lifelike 3D graphics and games
Brings 100-MHz FSB bandwidth to entry-level Performance PCs
Preserves IntelŪ 440BX AGPset core architecture investment
Supports Slot 1 architecture
Optimized for the microATX form factor
Compatibile with ATA/66 Hard Disk Drives


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