Intel 586 Chipsets

Intel Pentium & 5th Generation Chipsets

The Intel 430FX Chipset
Intel's 430FX the original "Triton" chipset could only manage single processor support. Although it does support both pipelined burst and standard burst, if offered no SDRAM support nor could it handle -50ns DRAM. No USB Support.
Supports all 3V Pentium Processors®

The Intel 430HX Chipset
A two chip PCIset solution consisting of the 82439HX System Controller (TXC) and the 82371SB PCI I/O IDE Xcelerator (PIIX3). The 82439HX is a single-chip host-to-PCI bridge providing the L2 cache control and DRAM control functions. The level 2 cache controller supports a write-back cache policy for cache-less and cache sizes of 256 Kbytes and 512 Kbytes. The L2 cache is implemented with synchronous pipelined burst SRAMs. External Tag RAM is used for the address tag and an internal Tag RAM for the cache line status bits. The System Controller provides a 64-bit (72-bit for ECC) data path to the main memory and memory sizes up to 512 Mbytes. The 430HX's optimized PCI interface lets the CPU sustain the highest possible bandwidth to the graphics frame buffer at all frequencies. And, to increases system performance, the 82439HX contains read prefetch and posted write buffers.

Supports all 3V Pentium Processors

The Intel 430VX Chipset
Intel's 430VX was designed for high end performance from its support of fast page, high-performance EDO and lightning-fast synchronous DRAM (SDRAM). The 430VX PCIset's enhanced memory timings and Concurrent PCI make sure that intense new applications such as real time video capture, MPEG playback, 3-D, or TV tuners won't cripple the system.
The chipset's inherited 100Mb/s PCI throughput means that emerging high-speed home media delivery won't be stopped in its tracks. Deeper write buffers and SDRAM support gave multimedia software ultimate scalability for its time.

The Intel 430TX Chipset
The Intel 430TX was designed for high end performance from it's support of synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) as well as the ability to mix and match SDRAM with EDO DRAM. The TX Chipset is optimized for the Pentium processor with MMX technology to maximize performance of media-rich applications.
By enabling single-clock data transfer, the 430TX SDRAM controller provides the fastest CPU access to audio, video, and graphics data streams. Its Ultra DMA high-performance hard drive protocol provides faster I/O data transfers, and concurrent PCI Architecture means that CPU/memory, PCI, and ISA subsystems all run simultaneously, at peak performance, even under heavy system loading, and enables balanced multitasking performance for enhanced multimedia performance.
The 430TX also offers USB support and external Plug and Play peripheral connectivity.


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