YMF715B Onboard Sound

Onboard Yamaha Sound
As previously mentioned this board has incorporated Yamaha YMF715B sound and I was amazed at the quality level at which it operates.  After switching drivers from those installed by Win98 to the drivers included in the package a control panel applet appears that allows for easy configuration of the device -

The board itself provides line-in, microphone and speaker out connections as well as a GamePort JoyStick connector and just for fun I hooked up the speakers to our home theater sound system.  Let me tell you, playing QuakeII in Dolby Pro Logic Surround at 40 watts per channel is an amazing event.  The sound output seems to me to be superior to that produced by my Creative Soundblaster AWE 64 ISA sound card.   Much cleaner and distortion free and even sounds pretty good on the 10 watt per channel Altech Lansing speakers that came with my existing two year old system.  The Audio drivers CD also installs a great all-around audio system - The YStation 32 -

- that includes wave, midi and CD players as well as a mixer board for recording you own wave files.  The microphone input tested superior to the AWE 64 as far as my Dragon Systems Naturally Speaking™ voice recognition program was concerned giving an above average mark to the input sound quality (the only rating I have ever achieved with the AWE 64 card is below average), it was however significantly more CPU intensive at the 44MHz sampling rate than the Soundblaster card ever required.

In all I found the Onboard Yamaha sound to be one of the best features of the mainboard...

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