Intel's Pentium MMX & XA100 Plus

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Are you still contemplating stepping up to the super7 platform?   Still got that P200/233MMX processor you thought had outlived its usefulness?   I threw in a P200MMX and the XA100 Plus responded with the best performance I had ever achieved in every way.  The good ol' P55C is an overclocking wonder and is extremely stable, reaching 115MHz FSB speeds without stepping up the core voltage at all.   A near 50% increase in performance in Business Winstone 98 is nothing to sneer at, and now can be attained when pushing the processor to the high frequencies that it is capable of

Screaming D3D performance, well surpassing the Cyrix processor due to a stronger FPU, makes for smooth game play on the XA100 Plus.

Even OpenGL based applications run as smooth as silk at high FSB frequencies...

Even the SIN demo is quite playable with the high-end front side frequency support made available to the processor by the XA100 Plus...

Comments, Tips and Conclusions

Last Updated on 10/30/98
By Boomer