AMD K6-2 Performance

The SY-5EMA+ is built for speed and is remarkably stable at both 112MHz and 124MHz, although I didn't push it to extremes by any means. All of the external clock speeds recorded here were achieved at core voltages of the K6-2's default 2.2v.

While I expected Business Winstone 98 scores to be a bit higher at overclocked external CPU speeds than I achieved the computers performance was almost silky smooth (for lack of a better adjective) with no traces of some of the flutter that can occur when overclocking,

The QuakeII Demo was run with 3DNow! enhanced drivers and though I have seem slightly higher frame rates at these speeds, I was still extremely pleased with the performance.

3Fingers' Rocket Demo for Sin pushes the system to it's limits as far as OpenGL applications go and though 1 or 2 FPS may not seem like much, it does show the scalability of the system board's FSB frequencies.

D3D and DirectX6 applications genuinely fly when the front side is cranked up as you can see by the scores recorded in Forsaken's Ship Demo. Again I want to mention an overall feeling of fluidity when running all of the benchmarks that I have only experienced with this board and the Iwill XA100 Plus.  If you are interested in the performance marks for either the Cyrix MII 333 or the Intel Pentium P200MMX processors, simply click the links below...

Cyrix MII 333 Performance Intel Pentium P200MMX Performance

Comments & Conclusions