The next and newest Super7 core logic is coming in the form of the highly integrated single chipset, the SiS540. This new single chip provides a high performance/low cost Desktop solution for the Super7 platform=based system by integrating a high performance North Bridge, with an advanced hardware 2D/3D GUI engine and Super-South bridge. In addition, SiS540 provides a system-on-a-chip solution that complies with the Easy PC Initiative which supports OnNow PC technology, USB, Legacy Removal and Slot-less Design and FlexATX form factors.
   SiS has taken aim at the budget PC arena by integrating Ultra-AGP technology and an advanced 128-bit graphic display interface, which together delivers high performance graphics and up to 2 GB/s memory bandwidth. 

   And,  the SiS540 provides powerful slice layer decoding DVD accelerator to improve the DVD playback performance. In addition to providing the standard interface for CRT monitors, SiS540 also provides the Digital Flat Panel Port (DFP) for a standard interface between a personal computer and a digital flat panel monitor. To extend functionality and flexibility, SiS also provides the “Video Bridge” (SiS301) to support the NTSC/PAL Video Output, Digital LCD Monitor and Secondary CRT Monitor, which reduces the external Panel Link transmitter and TV-Out encoder for cost effected solution. SiS540 also adopts Share System Memory Architecture which can flexibly utilize the frame buffer with sizes up to 64MB.
   The “Super-South Bridge” within the SiS540 integrates all peripheral controllers/accelerators/interfaces. SiS540 provides a total communication solution including onboard 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet to meet stringent office workstation requirements. The new SiS offering includes an AC’ 97 compliant interface that comprises a digital audio engine with 3D-hardware accelerator, on-chip sample rate converter, and professional wavetable along with a separate modem DMA controller. 
   SiS540 also provides interface to Low Pin Count (LPC) operation at 33 MHz clock which is the same as PCI clock on the host, and dual a USB host controller with four USB ports that deliver better connectivity and 2 x 12Mb bandwidth.
The built-in fast PCI IDE controller supports the ATA PIO/DMA, and the Ultra DMA33/66 function that supports the data transfer rate up to 66 MB/s. It provides a separate data path for two IDE channels that can eminently improve the performance under the multi-tasking environment.


  • Supports Intel/AMD/Cyrix/IDT Pentium CPU Host Bus at 66/83/90/95/100 MHz with 3.3V Bus Interface
    • Supports the Pipelined Address of Pentium Compatible CPU
    • 100/100, 95/95, 90/90 and 83/83 MHz Synchronous Host/DRAM Clocking Configuration
    • 100/133, 100/66 and 66/100 MHz Asynchronous Host/DRAM Clocking Configuration
    • Supports Host Bus Direct Access GUI Engine for Integrated 3D VGA Controller
  • Integrated Level 2 Cache Controller
    • Write Back And Write through Cache Mode
    • Direct Mapped Cache Organization
    • Supports Pipelined Burst SRAM
    • Supports 256K/512K/1M/2M Bytes Cache Sizes
    • Cache Hit Read/Write Cycle of 3-1-1-1
    • Cache Back-To-Back Read Cycle of 3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
    • Supports Single Read Allocation for L2 Cache
    • Supports Concurrency of CPU to L2 Cache and Integrated A.G.P. VGA Master to DRAM Accesses
  • Integrated DRAM Controller
    • Supports up to 3 Double Sided DIMMs (6 Rows Memory)
    • Supports PC100/PC133 SDRAM Technology
    • Supports NEC Virtual Channel Memory (VC-SDRAM) Technology
    • System Memory Size up to 1.5 GB
    • Supports Cacheable DRAM Sizes up to 512 Mbytes
    • Supports 16Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb SDRAM Technology
    • Suspend-To-RAM (STR)
    • Relocatable System Management Memory Region
    • Shadow RAM Size from 640KB to 1MB In 16KB Increments
    • Two Programmable PCI Hole Areas
  • Integrated A.G.P. Compliant Target Host-To-PCI Bridge
    • AGP V2.0 Compliant
    • Supports Graphic Window Size from 4Mbytes To 256Mbytes
    • Supports Pipelined Process in CPU-To-Integrated 3D A.G.P. VGA Access
    • Supports 8 Way, 16 Entries Page Table Cache for GART to Enhance Integrated A.G.P. VGA Controller Read/Write Performance
    • Supports PCI-To-PCI Bridge Function for Memory Write from 33Mhz PCI Bus to Integrated A.G.P. VGA
  • Meets PC99 Requirements
  • PCI 2.2 Specification Compliant 
  • High Performance PCI Arbiter
  • Supports up to 4 PCI Masters
  • Integrated Host-To-PCI Bridge
  • Fast PCI IDE Master/Slave Controller
  • Virtual PCI-To-PCI Bridge

SiS540's Integrated Ultra-AGP™ VGA for Hardware 2D/3D Video/Graphics Accelerators supports the latest in 3D hardware accelerated graphics including tightly coupled 64-bit 100Mhz host interface to VGA to speed up GUI performance and the video playback frame rate.  Including:

  • Flexible Design Shared Frame Buffer Architecture for Display Memory
  • Shared System Memory Area up to 64MB
  • Built-In 8K Bytes Texture Cache
  • 32-Bit VLIW Floating-Point Primitive Setup Engine
  • Peak Polygon Rate: 4M Polygon/Sec @ 1 Pixel/Polygon with 16bpp, Bilinear Textured, Buffered and Alpha Blended
  • Flat and Gouraud Shading
  • High Quality Dithering
  • Z-Test, Stencil Test, Alpha Test and Scissors Clipping Test
  • Z Pre-Test for Reducing Texture Read DRAM Bandwidth
  • 256 Rops
  • Individual Z-Buffer and Render Buffer at the same time
  • 16/24/32 BPP Z Buffer Integer/Floating Formats
  • 16/32 BPP Render Buffer Format
  • 1/2/4/8 Stencil Format
  • Per-Pixel Texture/Fog Perspective Correction
  • MIPMAP with Point-Sampled, Linear, Bi-Linear and Tri-Linear Texture Filtering Support
  • Single Pass Two MIPMAP Texture, One Texture On Clock
  • Supports up to 2048x2048 Texture Size
  • Supports 2’ S Power of Width and Height Structure Rectangular Texture
  • 1/2/4/8 BPP Palletize Texture with 32 Bit ARGB Format
  • Supports Palette for High Performance Palette Look Up
  • 1/2/4/8 BPP Luminance Texture
  • 1/2/4/8 BPP Intensity Texture
  • 8/16/24/32 BPP RGB/ARGB Texture Format
  • Supports Video YUV Texture in all Supported Texture Formats
  • MIP-Mapped Texture Transparency, Blending, Wrapping, Mirror and Clamping
  • Fogging and Alpha Blending
  • Supports Vertex Fogging, Linear Fogging Table and Non-Linear Fogging Table
  • Specula Lighting
  • Sort Dependent Edge Anti-Aliasing
  • Supports Full Scene Anti-Aliasing
  • Hardware Backface Culling

The SiS540 also offers a high-performance 128-bit 2D graphics engine with a full instruction set., hardware cursors, MPEG and DVD playback with extraordinary support for full hardware DVD functionality.

Advanced PCI H/W Audio & S/W Modem

  • Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer
    • 64-Voices Polyphony Wavetable Synthesizer Supports All Combinations of Stereo/Mono, 8-/16-Bits, and Signed/Unsigned Samples
    • Per Channel Volume and Envelop Control, Pitch Shift, Left/Right Pan, Tremolo, and Vibrato
    • Global Effect Process for Reverb, Chorus and Echo
    • DirectMusic TM Support with Unlimited Downloadable Samples in System Memory
    • DLS-1-Compatible Downloadable Samples Support
  • DirectSound™ 3D
    • 64-Voice DirectSound™ Channels
    • 32-Voice DirectSound™ 3D Accelerator with IID, IAD and Doppler Effects on 3D Positional Audio Buffer
    • DirectSound Accelerator for Volume, Pan and Pitch Shift Control on Streaming or Static Buffers
    • VirtualHRTF Interactive 3D Positional Audio Accelerator for DirectX™ 5/6
  • Advanced Streaming Architecture
    • Microsoft WDM Streaming Architecture Compliant and Re-Routable Endpoint Support
    • Three Stereo Capture Channels
    • AC’ 97/98 Stereo Recording Channel through AC-Link
  • High Quality Audio and AC’ 97/98 Support
    • CD Quality Audio with 90db+ SNR Using External High Quality AC’ 97/98 CODEC
    • AC’ 97/98 Support with Full Duplex, Independent Sample Rate Converter for Audio Recording and Playback
    • On-Chip Sample Rate Converter Ensures All Internal Operation At 48khz
    • High Precision Internal 26-Bit Digital Mixer with 20-Bit Digital Audio Output
  • Full Legacy Compatibility
  • SoundBlaster Pro/16
  • VirtualFM™ Enhances Audio Experience through Realtime FM-To-Wavetable Conversion
  • MPU-401 Compatible UART for External Or Internal Synthesis
  • Telephony & Modem
    • Full Duplex VirtualPhone Speaker Phone With Modem Capable AC’ 97/98 HSP V.90 Modem
  • Software Support
  • Complete DirectX Driver Suite (DirectSound3D, DirectSound, DirectMusic, DirectInput) for Windows 98/Windows 2000
  • Configuration Installation and Diagnostics Under Real Mode DOS, Windows 98 DOS Box
  • Windows 98/ Windows 2000 Configuration, Installation and Mixer Program

SiS has performed a wide variety of benchmarks using the AMD K6-2. K6-III and K6-2+ processors with comparisons against Intel's i810 and VIA's MVP4 chipsets.  In Part II we'll take a look at how the manufacturer says it performs and soon we'll be running our own tests

SiS540 Part II 

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