Shuttle's ME64 Part II
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Since the ME64 is built on the new FlexATX design, the board is quite small.  It's design, however is nearly impeccable as all the connectors and jumpers are just where you'd expect to find them.  The manual also come into play here as it walks you through setting up in a thorough step-by-step style that is simple, clear, and  concise but doesn't insult your intelligence. From the proper installation of the universal retention clips to installing the proper software drivers, the manual covers everything in enough detail so that you feel as though you understand the system board well before your first boot.

Since the idea behind the ME64 does not fit the high-performance market, the use of oversized coolers shouldn't be a concern and the boards diminutive size makes their use a bit difficult but the board easily supports two full-length expansion cards providing you aren't using the UPT slot.  The BIOS auto-detects the default CPU core voltage and front side bus frequency but offers a jumpered over-ride to force the FSB to 66, 100 or 133MHz.  Shuttle also includes an ICH voltage jumper that can increase the ICH voltage from its default 3.3v to 3.9v if you have certain IDE devices which require increased voltage.  Other jumper settings you'll want to take notice of are the power on by either PS/2 or USB keyboard or mouse and the BIOS boot-block protection jumper.



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