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Versatility is the codeword behind Shuttle's new Spacewalker ME64 FlexATX Slot-1/Socket 370  All-in-One mainboard.  Designed for the budget PC market this mainboard is sure to find favor with System Integrators, OEM's and even a few do-it-yourselfers. Built around Intel's 810E chipset on the new FlexATX form factor offers a ton of features and comes with what has to be one of the best manuals ever conceived for a mainboard - at least in my experience.

The ME64 ships along with a Universal Retention Mechanism for Slot-1, an ATA/66 IDE cable, a FDD ribbon cable, a 9-pin COM port connector, and it's excellent manual.  Shuttle has also included a CD with all of the software drivers for the i810E including VGA and audio drivers.


CPU Support

With both Slot-1 and Socket 370 support the ME64 offers the widest possible support for Intel processors currently available.


Versatile Memory Support

Built-In 2D/3D Graphics Controller

PCI Expansion Slots

UPT and AMR Expansion Slots

LPC Super I/O Onboard

USB Interface Onboard

PCI Bus Master IDE Controller Onboard

ATX Power Supply Connector

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

System BIOS

Micro/Flex ATX Form Factor

Advanced Features

Intelligent Features

Setting Up The ME64

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