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SY-7IWM Graphics Performance
The i810 chipset provide quite possibly the best integrated onchip AGP graphics performance currently available.  While nearly all of SOYO's i810-based come with 4MB onboard display caches the SY-7IWM/L offers no such memory but rather shares system memory.  Yet even without this display cache the board offers AGP graphics acceleration that is better than many of the last generation of video cards (e.g. Rage Pro, SiS6326, Trident64 etc).  Crisp clear performance in both 2D and 3D and frame rates that literally blow away the competition (SiS530, VIA MVP4). Check out the Futuremark 3D Mark 99 MAX scores even while running the Celeron 400MHz...

Image Quality
Bright vivid color separation and depth in 3D games is essential to the enjoyment of gameplay and the SY-7IWM allows for all that and more incorporating a wide range of 3D support. I had trouble getting OpenGL apps to function correctly but D3D applications were actually quite playable and smooth at 800x600 using 16-bit color.  Click on the thumbnails to bring up full sized images...


If you're thinking of building yourself a value PC this may be the mainboard for you.  Exceptionally stable, an outstanding feature set, excellent performance and ease of use make the SOYO SY-7IWM a great value for money. And it can be easily found and purchased on the web for less than $100. USD.

SOYO is offering a variety of mainboards based on the i810 chipset and is sure to have one to fit your needs. Check them out at  


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